Inter-Faith Weddings 

Response: Many creative steps can be taken to blend two religious traditions especially when one of these is Jewish. Some couples will ask a Rabbi and a Priest to co-officiate at the ceremony. However, it is often difficult to find persons to do this. An alternative is to invite family and friends to share parts of the service. I have chosen to use broad readings on love and marriage from the Old Testament and New Testament along with non-scriptural readings. Also, many of the inter-faith weddings I perform take place under a huppah (canopy) with an explanation of its meaning made to the guests during the ceremony. The breaking of the glass at the end of the wedding can be broadened to recognize not just the sufferings of the Jewish people over the centuries, but compassion for all people. The important thing is to affirm the value of each tradition and to create a setting that is inclusive and family oriented.