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The purpose of this forum is to provide an opportunity for clergy and other celebrants to discuss issues related to public ministry - ministry to those outside of a congregational or institutional setting - and to share resources for celebrating life’s transitions and commitments.

Public ministry is a pastoral ministry to those who are often not affiliated with a religious congregation or who may not be able to obtain needed support through traditional leadership. Such a ministry may or may not be sponsored by a religious institution or organization.

Public ministry includes more than officiating at weddings and other faith celebrations. I work, for example, with a group of clergy who organize worship services for conventions and conferences in cooperation with the Kansas City Convention and Tourism Bureau. However, because performing ceremonies is such a visible form of public ministry and because so many clergy enter into this arena out of the demand for their services, weddings and other ceremonies provide a good beginning point for further defining and legitimizing public ministry as a distinct form of ministry.

Forum Organization

This forum is organized into three sections:

General Issues Related to Public Ministry  - Further definition of public ministry,  theological issues, expressions of public ministry, etc.

Ceremony Resources  - Sharing of ideas, questions, resources related to weddings, renewals of vows, holy unions, baptisms/confirmations/blessings, funerals/memorial services and other celebrations of faith.

Practical Resources for Public Ministry  - Setting fees, developing promotional materials, marketing your services, etc.

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