Registration for Clergy,  Chapels and Congregations 

“Celebrating the Ties that Bind” is an internet resource for all clergy and ceremony officiants. Now, there is a place where those seeking your services can easily find you.

Clergy Services, Inc. is a Kansas City-based organization formed in 1980 to assist people in locating the services of a clergyperson. Unlike other internet locations that list clergy resources, our role is not to sell products. We exist to provide relevant information about clergy and those available to minister to persons at important times in their lives. Our focus is on the significance of the ceremony. We seek to work with clergy of all faiths and other officiants to ensure a professional and compassionate ministry.

Our specific purpose is to accomplish the following:

  • Help couples find qualified persons to perform their weddings.

  • Offer resources for other celebrations of faith including renewals of vows, funerals and baptisms/blessings of children.

  • Share ceremony ideas and resources through a professional forum.

  • Provide an outlet through which Clergy can market ceremony resources.

Participation Benefits

Your listing with will allow persons in your community to contact you directly regarding their need for a clergyperson or wedding officiant.

This resource is promoted in the following ways: 

  • Through strong relationships between and major bridal publications and wedding-related internet sites.

  • With listings on all major internet search engines as well as specialty locations.

  • By making information available to brides and grooms who contact Clergy Services, Inc. about the Family Medallion and other ceremony-related resources developed by Clergy Services.

From our experience, supporting persons at critical stages in their lives – weddings, renewals of vows, blessing of children, funerals, etc. – is an important and rewarding public ministry. Clergy Services, Inc. has developed many ceremony-related resources and we find that others are creating ceremonies and materials just as exciting. provides an avenue for sharing these resources as well as an opportunity to ask questions and converse with other professionals.